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Alessandra Orlandini has won the Junior title 2010 winning the coveted Keith Horner memorial trophy
Congratulations to Jack Mills a newcomer to the Otley junior team who won the second leg with a fabulous 10Lb 4oz. Billy Drake came second with 5Lb 5 oz, and Alexandra Orlandini 3rd with 26 fish, 4Lb, Frazer Campbell 4th with 1Lb 8oz. Special thanks go to Dorothy Horner who presented the trophy, Alan Danskin for running the junior tournament and Otley Angling Country Sports and Graeme Orchard for sponsoring the excellent prizes

Otley Angling Club has lost Neville Horner who sadly passed away on Saturday the 3rd of July 2010. Neville was a life member of Otley Angling Club and will be sadly missed. Otley Angling Club would like to offer their sincere condolences to Neville's family.The Funeral will be held at Otley Methodist Church on Tuesday 13 July at 1300 followed by interment at Otley cemetery .

Miss Alessandra Orlandini has won the first junior match 2010 netting over twenty fish, Alessandra fishing on peg 4 weighed in 1Lb 11 Oz of fish to narrowly beat Chris Locke by only 2 Oz. Elliot Walker came third with 1Lb 1 Oz. Alessandra may have fished herself into our history books as the first female to win a title at Otley Angling Club.

Stewart Pickard won the first Wednesday Night Open on the in-form Otley AC Pond. Stewart finished with 8Lb 2 Oz fishing chopped worm from peg 26. A good tench sealed the match for Stewart in the last ten minutes.

A one minute silence was held at Southfield for the memory of Stewart Adams and a great fishing match followed. 2 oz was the winning margin as Steve Aldridge fishing worm on the feeder on Peg 4 with 40Lb 8 oz narrowly beat Mark Thompson with 40Lb 6 oz on peg 9 fishing a feeder and pole attack. Jodie Bywell took a respectable 3rd place on peg 8 with 27Lb 4 oz

Stewart Adams Otley Angling Club's match secretary for over twenty years has sadly passed away. Stewart will be sadly missed on the Otley AC match scene, and our deepest sympathy go to his family. A minutes silence will be held before the first match of the season at Southfield on Sunday. This years charity match will be held in Stewarts memory, and the money raised will go to Wheatfields Hospice.

The Wednesday Night Open Evening matches start on May the 12th on the club pond. Meet at 5.30PM in the car park. The matches are run by last years champion Brian Clay. All anglers are welcome.

A NO JOINING FEE for Otley AC membership has been introduced, although membership levels are reasonable a No Joining Fee policy has been brought in 'temporarily' to remain competitive with other fishing club membership fees. Times are still financially tight for many anglers, a drop in the membership fee should encourage more new members. Please note only a vote at the annual AGM can make this temporary rule permanent.

Tony Parr won the latest River Match with a fantastic 52Lb of Chub, fishing the waggler with caster on Peg 9 /10. Dave Atha came second on Peg 11 / 14 with 5Lb 4Oz, and Robert Eden came third with 3Lb 9Oz.

The Otley AC Club Pond has been stocked with more fish ready for the new season Chub, Tench and Carp have been stocked. The Club pond has also had a substantial amount of maintainance work carried out on it by Stewart Pickard, fisheries manager and his team of volunteers. The work which we are all grateful for includes peg and platform work, clearing of debris and some
new signage.

The Christmas Cheer / Charity Match was a great success with a full turnout on a clear but fishable River Wharfe Chris Childs took the honours with 13Lb 9Oz from Peg 20, Jode Buywell was closest on Peg 12 with 10Lb 8Oz, and Steve Rowe 3rd on Peg 15 with 4Lb 5Oz. All were winners on the day with £350.00 raised for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, which has been made up to £400.00 with an auctioned fluffy toy dog auctioned by Ann at Otley Angling & Country Sports.

Visit the Yorkshire Air Ambulance site here to find out more about where this years charity money is going Yorkshire Air Ambulance

The AGM was a great success, thanks to all those who turned out. The club returned a small profit for the year which in difficult times was greeted by everyone as good news. A minutes silence was held for Phil Winder who sadly passed away this year.

Sally Walshes was on form for 14 anglers who competed in the latest Otley Angling Club match. Jim Smith won with 21Lb 4oz, Jody Byewell came second with 15Lb and Paul Hodgetts third with 13Lb. Pole Tactics won the day for the majority who all caught plenty of fish. Many thanks to Stephen Simpson for the match results and report.

Congratulations to our winners, Brian Clay wins the wednesday night open championship and Chris Lock is overall junior champion 09 with Billy Hammond taking first in the junior second leg.

Brett Tennishill won the Otley AC match at Southfield Resevoir with an excellent 27Lb, southfield specialist Derek Thompson came second with18Lb ans Steve Rowe third with 13Lb.

Otley Angling Club junior night held on the club pond was a great success with the added bonuses of toilet facilities and a superb barbeque put on by Joe Orlandini and his wife. All pegs were occupied with young people learning new fishing skills from senior club members. All children caught fish and enjoyed what is growing into a very popular night. Thanks to all who participated and in particular to the Orlandinis for the excellent barbeque.

Otley Angling Club is the oldest organisation still running in Otley and it's existence is under the biggest threat ever seen Foreign gangs suspected of being Eastern Europeans are poaching large numbers of fish from the River Wharfe in Otley with all waters in the vicinity under serious threat. Anyone near the river who suspects poaching MUST not approach the offenders but MUST report the incident immediately to Otley Police using the Poaching Hotline Number which is 0845 6060606
The committee will be putting together an action plan which includes daily patrols of the River and
new signage.

9 year old Jacob Walker won the Junior Fishing Match First Leg. Grey clouds and rain and a biting wind didn't stop Otley Angling Club juniors enjoying an excellent match on the club pond. Sport was slow but all juniors caught, Jacob Walker caught the most fish and the biggest fish to clean sweep on the day. Chris Lock last years champion fished well in the closing stages to come second and line up what will be a good final in September. Many thanks to all who helped on the day and Otley Angling & Country Sports for prize donations.

Local anglers who know Tim Hendry know he is a good feeder fisherman which is a known winning tactic at the Sally Walsh fishery. Tim won the opening match of the Otley season with a majority Bream net of fish.

A close first round of the wednesday night open fishing matches on the club pond saw Reg Bowles take first place with 7Lb 1 oz. Brian Clay came second with 6Lb 14 oz and Stewart Pickard third with 6Lb 7 oz. The weather played a part on the night as rain drove temperatures down, the ponds resident Carp didn't feature which left anglers targeting silvers using chopped worm and maggot tactics.

Otley Police have kindly re assured club secretary Tim Hendry that they will take action when contacted by any club member who experience any of the following: Poaching, Trespass, Vandalism, Threatening Behavior and Fishing on Otley waters without membership persistently after verbal warnings.
For Otley Police Station call 0845 6060606. For Emergency situations only please call 999

The club pond has had a Spring Clean and a re stock of fish. Tench, Roach, Crucian Carp, Mirror Carp and over 200 good quality skimmer bream averaging over half a pound have been stocked. Many thanks go out to the work party and contractors on the pond who over many weeks have got the banks and islands into superb shape. The south west corner of the pond has been widened and the water level has been made deeper. Many trees have been cut down to increase the breeze across the water.

A good turnout of 23 match anglers fought a close battle on the final match of the season on the River Wharfe in Otley Paul Wood caught a big 4Lb 6oz chub to take first place from peg 29-30, Robert Eadon on peg 34-35 came second with 4Lb 4 oz, and Steve Rowe third with 3Lb 12 oz. Well done to all the match anglers who fished what can only be described as a difficult season, look out for the next match diary for the new season to be published on the web site next week. Many thanks to Ann from Otley Angling & Country Sports for the results.

Good sized chub caught on meat tactics saw C Childs take the Otley AC match on the wharfe on sunday with 26Lb from Peg 3, second was E White on Peg 9 with 14Lb 12 Oz made up of 4 chub and 2 grayling fishing with bread and caster, and T Verity came third with 6Lb of small chub fishing on peg 16.
Many thanks to Steve Simpson for the results.

Good sized chub caught on meat tactics saw C Childs take the Otley AC match on the wharfe on sunday with 26Lb from Peg 3, second was E White on Peg 9 with 14Lb 12 Oz made up of 4 chub and 2 grayling fishing with bread and caster, and T Verity came third with 6Lb of small chub fishing on peg 16.
Many thanks to Steve Simpson for the results.

Bob Atkinson landed the first good sized carp recorded on the club pond this year the 6LB + mirror carp was taken on a double red maggot feeder fished bait.

The River Wharfe Otley AC Stretch gets into top form as Mick Mcevoy nets a superb catch of 36Lb 5oz of chub on peg 35 to take the top spot in Sundays match. Robert Eadon on peg 19 took second place with 13Lb 6oz on peg3, and Steven Hargreaves third with 10Lb 13oz on peg3. Derek Thompson in fourth place with 8Lb 5oz deserves a mention with one of his chub tipping the scales over 5Lb. Thanks to all that fished and to Ann at Otley Angling Country Sports for the results.

Graham Orchard (The Birdman of Otley AC) ; has handmade a number of nest boxes for the abundant variety of birds that live around the Otley AC Pond. Graham looks after the birds with feeding stations and nesting boxes throughout the year.

A new gate for easy access to the river thanks also to Stewart Pickard, Bob Atkinson, and Brian Clay for fitting the new gate access that links the pond to the three field river swims.

It's the reliable 'lady of the river wharfe' the Grayling; that saw Dave Kemp take first place with 3Lb 14oz of the species on peg 10-11 on Sundays match held on a blustery River Wharfe. Mick Mack took second place (2Lb 14Oz on peg 19) and Steve Hargreaves third (1Lb 4 Oz on peg 7) both with Grayling nets. Thanks to Ann of Otley & Country Sports for reporting the results for the website.

The Otley AC Charity match has raises £415.00 for local causes. Thanks to all that turned out and supported the match with sponsorship.

The charities supported this year are as follows: THANK YOU AGAIN for your support..

  1. Martin House
  2. Otley Methodist Church Pre School & Toddler Group
  3. WASP who support young people 14 yrs and older with special needs
  4. Otley Arthritis Care
  5. Otley Museum (who are doing a special project researching local anglers
    of the past

A Crisp cold day on the River Wharfe hosted Otley Angling Clubs Boxing Day Match the 'Jonos Memorial'. It was another excellent turnout of anglers who saw Roy Knox fight off close competition to win with 3Lb 11Oz of Chub, second and third position ran close with 3Lb 3Oz and 3Lb. Thanks to all who attended, come and fish with us on the river matches, all are welcome, all details from Otley Angling and Country Sports.

A fantastic turnout for Otley Angling Club as over forty anglers fished the Christmas Cheer match on the River Wharfe Jim Smith showed his class with an excellent 14.5Lb fishing on the concrete factory length. Nick Smith came a respectable 2nd with 7.5Lb fishing the Ogdens length, with Tim Verity a close third with 7.4Lb.

A BIG THANKYOU: to all that turned out for the 2008 Annual General Meeting for Otley Angling Club which was held at Otley Social Club, Weston Drive Otley On Thursday the 27th of November. Among the issues discussed and voted on were:
Membership Fees: Which are going up across the board, but well under an inflationary rise,
Fish Health Checks: A proposal has been passed to look into bringing the £600.00 + fee down. This is a fee imposed by the Environment Agency for checking our trout before release into the river.
Bob Atkinson was voted onto the comittee: Bob is a welcome addition to the comittee. Bob already works very hard for the club and is already noted for his work on the club pond assisting Stewart Pickard.

The River Wharfe was near to bursting it's banks into the club pond, Pool Road was shut by the police because of flooding, but the Junior final against all odds was staged at the club pond Chris Lock won the junior championship 2008 winning overall points over two matches, Declan Campbell won the match on saturday with Jacob Walker second and Chris Lock overall champion third. Jacob Walker won the prize for biggest fish and Chris Lock for the most fish. Congratulations to all juniors who fished the two matches and especially the parents who braved the conditions on saturday.

Graham Orchard winner of the officials match landed a 16LB Common Carp on the club pond on Saturday which is the biggest fish recorded on the club water this year. Graham fished a floating biscuit and needed to borrow a bigger landing net from a club member fishing nearby to get the fish to the bank.

The junior fishing evening held on the club pond was a great success with 20 junior anglers and families turning out: the juniors turned up without any tackle which was provided for them for a chance to learn from an Otley Angling Club senior member. The youngsters rotated to one of seven seniors who demonstrated different coarse fishing techniques which included the pole, the whip, waggler and feeder. All youngsters enjoyed themselves and caught fish with one young boy fishing with Fred caught a 7LB Carp on double red maggot. Next years event is already being planned as the comittee are keen to attract young anglers to the sport and to the club, if the youngsters on thursday night were anything to go by, we have a strong future, a big thanks to all who got involved.. pictures to be added to the gallery soon

Simon Walker won the wednesday night open fishing chopped worm and castor on pole from peg 30, Brian Clay came close on weight and looked back on losing a good sized eel at the landing net
Weds Night Open Match Results Here >>

Three of Otley AC 's top anglers featured in a close fought battle at Brafferton fishery with Steve Rowe (now qualified to teach angling) taking first place with an excellent 44LB which is the biggest weight recorded in matches this year caught on method feeder. Brian Clay took second place fishing feeder and pole and Brett Tenniswood third fishing on pole.
Match Results Here >>

David Stokes won the Otley AC match at Foulbridge with an excellent 19Lb 5 Oz Stephen Simpson pushed him all the way picking money for second place with 18Lb 2oz.

Weds Night Open Match Results Here

**On a hot July 27th, Otley AC held it's officials match. This match is for committee members and guests to fish the club pond. Guests are chosen for the hard work they put into the club, and it's the committees way of saying thank you to them for the effort that they put in throughout the year. A big thank you goes out to Reg and his wife and daughter at the Yeoman Pub in Otley for breakfast and evening meal that was genuinely home cooked and simply superb, highly reccomended..
Official Match Results Here

Bob Atkinson twice wednesday night open winner last year won this weeks closely contested evening match after landing a good carp on a size 12 elastic
Weds Night Open Match Results Here

Tom Thackeray fishery manager of Tom's Pond in Otley made it two Otley AC matches won in a row with an excellent performance at Southfield Resevoir netting 30Lb Otley AC Match Results Here

The junior match was fished on the club pond which isn't performing well at the moment. All the juniors showed great dedication as only 8oz took first place for Chris Lock who also caught the biggest fish a 3oz Chub. Abbie Walker was perhaps the most disappointed of the runners up after hooking a big mirror carp that got the better of her on peg 2.
All juniors won a prize and an enjoyable day was had by all. The next leg will be held in September.

Breaking News Shorts:

  • 16/10/08 Extra lines are being installed on the club pond to combat the threat of predatory birds taking fish.
  • 8/10/08 Health and Safety / Liability and Security signage have been installed on the club pond
  • Mink have been spotted on the Club Pond
  • Otley AC are to implement a high tech 'anti fish theft' security system on the club pond following allegations of stolen fish 23/ 07 /08
  • The Pond will be shut for the officials match on Sunday the 27th 23/07/08
  • Places still available tickets via Otley Angling & Country Sports for sundays match at Sally Walsh Dam. 8.30 am meet at Sally Walshes 3/07/08
  • The colour is well and truly back in the club pond and silvers and carp are feeding well. The small Barbel stocked last year are also showing. 2/07/08
  • The Match season starts with the first Junior match on June the 7th, and the first wednesday evening match on June the 11th
  • The pond was shut for one night to allow maintenance which included putting aquatic friendly weed killer into areas where weed growth has been prominent 20/05/08
  • Bream which struggled to show last year are being caught in numbers on the club pond to red maggot, castor and small pellet 19/5/08
  • Carp now responding to low oil based pellets on club pond, castor and red maggot still the bait for the silvers as summer struggles to warm up 17/5/08
  • An Osprey swooped on the club pond on saturday witnessed by Otley AC anglers fishing at the time. The bird took off with a sizeable fish. 5/5/08
  • STOP PRESS: DO NOT GIVE UP ON THE RIVER Chub and Grayling show in numbers on the Wharfe, Jim Smith has put together excellent catches of Chub and Grayling on the Wharfemeadows Park Stretch using simple stick float and castor tactics: 21st May 2016